Lai Dieu Ha


Lai Dieu Ha (b.1976) has been obsessed with the hydra olygactics and its 'white' since she was a little girl. Making art to her is a way of multiplying the growth of  microorganism , a tiny world that man has little attention of. However, this tiny world seems to be the start of every living thing. Ha has been drawn to its white freedom, its asexual, openness to imagination and depth. 


1976 Born in Vietnam. Living and Working in HaNoi & HoChiMinh City, VietNam




2005 Graduated from the Hanoi Fine Arts University



2015 Conservation of vitality, CUC Gallery, Hanoi, Vietnam


 2014  Psychodrama Therapy , Rapid Pulse International Performance Art Festival, Chicago, USA

2014  Mind, Flesh, Matter . Sàn Art Laboratory, Ho Chi Minh City.

2013  Festival Images, New space, Copenhagen & Aalborg, Denmark

2012  Clinging Hybrid, Goethe Institute and Japan Foundation Hanoi, Vietnam

           One Day In The City, Performance Art Festival, Tel Aviv, Israel

           Under Reflection project, Zero Art Space, Yangon, Myanmar

2011   The Beauty, INACT 2, Nhasan Studio, Hanoi, Vietnam

           Contemporary art festival, Hoa Lu exhibition hall, Van Ho, Ha Noi, Vietnam

           A small mess left, Khoan Cat Be Tong, Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam

           Untitled Performance at SaSa Art Projects, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

2010   Give me your kiss; Flying up, INACT 1, Nhasan Studio, Hanoi, Vietnam

2009   Fast food for the future, LIMDIM at Stenersen Museum, Oslo, Norway

   Nippon Performance Art Festival, Tokyo, Nagano, Yokohama, JapanPerformance art exchange program with NIPAF Japan, Nhasan Studio, Vietnam

2008 Explosion video, What Is Equality exhibition,  Vietnam Fine Art University, Hanoi, Vietnam

          Fast food for the future, 10+, 10th anniversary of Nhasan Studio, Vietnam

2007   Immortality video, Contemporary Art Festival, Vietnam Fine Art University, Hanoi, Vietnam.

2006  Patches, Recovery, Saigon Open City, Fine Art Association, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

           DOM DOM performance art event at Nhasan Studio, Vietnam

           Multiply, Gallery 8, Hanoi, Vietnam

           Re-build installation, Goethe Institute Hanoi