Ly Tran Quynh Giang


Ly Tran Quynh Giang (b. 1978) is best known for her oil painting and wood cut
panels. Born, raised and living in Hanoi, graduated from Hanoi Fine Art
University, Giang is one of the most prominent female contemporary artists of
Vietnam. She is an artist whose representations of human and animal figures
exude a range of emotions and sensations: sadness, melancholy, ennui,
uncertainty, intimacy, intensity, and eroticism. Her important exhibitions are
Where they turn to (2014), Hey are you sick (2010), The solitary world of Ly Tran
Quynh Giang (2010), Giang (2007), Tropical zone (2002). Her most recent
exhibition is Personal Structures - Vietnam in Venice with other 4 artists from her
represented gallery in Venezia, Italy.
In 2017, her 2 works got featured in Rekindling Lacquer: Vietnamese Mordern
Painting in Shanghai Collections, China Art Museum, Shanghai.

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