Nguyen Son


“To me painting comes natural as breathing. Black ink on thin paper coming from the East together with structural analytic ideology from the West on my own and unique perception helps me express all the nuances in my state of mind. The more I paint, the more clearly I see that my path is connected closely to nature, to the art community and always so it would be. I know one day I would fade away to nothingness but my works will still become beautiful memories left somewhere on this living earth."


1974 Born in Hanoi. Living and working in Ho Chi Minh city since 1989.


2001 Graduated from University the fine art Ho Chi Minh city


Solo exhibitions


Pause, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Open 5 – Soloist, Ha Noi, Vietnam

2010     Open3 – The hidden language from Fade – away, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

2009     Open2- Golden Age, New works by Nguyễn Sơn, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

2003     Past days, Hanoi, Vietnam 


Group exhibitions


Art Expo Malaysia Plus, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Art Stage Singapore, Singapore


Personal Structures, European Cultural Center and GAA Foundation, Venice, Italy          

Art Stage Singapore, Singapore

2015     Art Stage Singapore, Singapore

2014     Art Stage Singapore, Singapore

2013     Doubt and believe, CUC Gallery, Hanoi, Vietnam 

2012      DAWN – CUC Gallery, Hanoi, Vietnam


Open4- DIESIS, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Paths of self – questioning, Hanoi, Vietnam

2009     Back To Our Origin, Hanoi, Vietnam

2008    Subaquatic echo, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam           

2007    Young City - New work by young artists, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam


Open 1, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam 

Workshop “Contemporary artists” & exhibition at museum the fine art Hồ Chí Minh city

Contemporary artists Vietnamese, North – Center- South, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

2004     Workshop young artists “Who are we?”, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam                  

2003     Young artists, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

2001     Philip Morris Vietnam Asean2000-2001. (at Singapore Art Museum)

2000     Nokia Vietnam- Asean- Pacific 1999.  (At Singapore National museum)


Top Art Awards at workshop by sponsored by FORD foundation 2005.

Art Awards Philip Morris Vietnam Asean2000-2001.

Art Awards Nokia Vietnam Asean Pacific 1999.