Tulip Duong is one among Vietnam’s contemporary group of artists who has a unique way to absorb the currents of international art expression for her creativity by frequently visiting museums and galleries in Europe, America, Hong Kong, Singapore and China since 2000. She also has regular meetings with several international art critics such as Ángela Molina. 

Her Hanoi studio produces a range of artworks which display her artistic experience with reference to self-expression. She also uses her contemporary art skills to depict Hanoi City through her unique perception. She creates a ‘new’ Hanoi city concept through the series of Irony paintings. The structural strength of the composition in her paintings uses bold brushwork with intensely strong colours. For example, the use of red and black in the Irony artworks are notable for the exciting movement representing Hanoi in its fast development in the period of its cultural transition. 

Tulip uses Hanoi’s landscapes of urban and rural spaces for her art. She works consistently hard to identify a new type of Vietnamese ethnic form in her artworks. Her art also represents self-expression, evolving with the international style to represent the traditional characteristic of the Vietnamese people who have displayed high levels of resilience, and also an ability to adapt to the cultural transition in Vietnam.


1959 Born in Hanoi. Currently living and working in Hanoi, Vietnam


Solo Exhibitions

2013   Solo exhibition “WINDOWS”, MAM Art Projects, Vietnamese Women Museum, Hanoi, Vietnam

2005  Solo exhibition of “The Season of Duong Thuy Lieu” at The Vietnam Museum Ethnology, Hanoi, Vietnam


Selected group exhibitions


S.E.A. Focus, Singapore


Art Expo Malaysia Plus, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Art Stage Singapore, Singapore


Personal Structures, European Cultural Center and GAA Foundation, Venice, Italy

Art Stage Singapore, Singapore.


Art Stage Singapore, Singapore

Start Art Fair, Saatchi Gallery, London, United Kingdom


Art Stage Singapore, Singapore

Start Art Fair 2014, Saatchi Gallery London, United Kingdom.


Awards and recognition

2005: Artwork “Flower vase” was selected to the 2005 Vietnam Fine Arts Exhibition.

2003: 4 artworks were in “Vietnamese women painters and Sculptors in the XXth century”.

2002:  Artwork "Cat Linh St." was selected for The 2002 Hanoi Fine Arts Exhibition



2013   Windows, exhibition catalogue, MAM-Art Projects & The Vietnamese women museum, Hanoi, Vietnam

2005  Seasons of Duong Thuy Lieu, exhibition catalogue, The Vietnam museum of ethnology, Hanoi, Vietnam

2003  20th – century Vietnamese women sculptors and painters and their artworks, culture-information publishing house, Vietnam


Public Collections

RMIT Public Collection, Vietnam